Robert Rehfeldt

Published by Galerie im Turm, Berlin, 1984, 12 pages (b/w ill.), 19.5 × 20 cm, German

Price: €12

Produced on the occasion of Robert Rehfedlt’s exhibition, Zeichnungen, Collagen, Assemblagen at Galerie im Turm, Berlin, 5-28 October, 1984

Robert Rehfeldt (born Stargard 5 January 1931: died Berlin 28 September 1993) was a German Graphic artist. He is associated, in particular, with the Actionist and Mail art movements.

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Ernst Caramelle

Published by Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien/Düsseldorf, 1984, 24 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 22 × 26 cm, English

Price: €15

Produced on the occasion of Ernst Caramelle’s exhibition at Galerie Hubert Winter, Wien, 11. September – 5. October 1984.

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Section 31 Ian Wilson

Published by Kunsthalle Bern, Bern, 1984, 32 pages, 14 × 21.5 cm, English

Price: €32

Ian Wilson has been exploring the aesthetic potential of spoken language since the late 1960s. His ongoing body of work—beginning with “oral communication” and eventually including his signature Discussions—began in 1968 with the spoken word “time”.

Over the course of the 1970s, his discussions took on a more formal character, and his interests shifted towards ‘The Known and Unknown’, based on Plato’s ‘The Parmenides’. In contrast to a ‘performance’, during a discussion the audience can actively take part in realising the concept of ‘oral communication’. Wilson does not want the discussion to be recorded either on film or audio. Wilson summarises the core of these discussions in a book series entitled ‘section’.

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Making Myself Visible Rasheed Araeen

Published by Kala Press, London, 1984, 176 pages (b/w ill.), 21 × 26 cm , English

Price: €20

A publication on the work of Pakistani artist, activist, writer, editor and curator Rasheed Araeen, who has been based in London since 1964. Apart from pioneering minimalist sculpture in Britain, he was among the first to voice the need of artists of non-Western origins to be represented in Western cultural institutions. In 1978, he founded the art journal Black Phoenix (later resurrected as Third Text). The present volume brings together a selection of his articles, essays and correspondence with gallery directors and funding bodies, interspersed with documentation of his multi-disciplinary work. With introduction by art critic Guy Brett.

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