Report: EA-Generali Foundation Andrea Fraser

Published by Generali Foundation, Vienna, 1995, 104 pages (b/w ill.), 21.2 × 30.5 cm, English

Price: €13 (Temporarily out of stock)

Texts by Andrea Fraser and interviews with Board of Governors and Directors, Art Advisory Board and staff members of the Generali Foundation as well as the Staff Council Representatives of Generali insurances, postscript by Sabine Breitwieser.

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Henri Michaux – Nemours Aurélie – Frac de Bourgogne

Published by Centre d'art de Tanlay, Yonne, 1995, 144 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 26 × 26 cm, French

Price: €55

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition Henri Michaux, Nemours Aurélie – Frac de Bourgogne at the Château de Tanlay, Yonne, 20 May – 1 October, 1995.

Henri Michaux was a Belgian-born French author and painter best known for the work he produced while hallucinating on mescaline.

Aurélie Nemours was a French painter who made abstract geometrical paintings and was highly influenced by De Stijl, or neoplasticism.

*Please note this publication is secondhand and has some traces of previous ownership

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The Sea As A Craftsman Bruno Munari

Published by Corraini Edizioni, Milan, 1995/2018, 56 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 12 × 16 cm, English

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“You throw something into the sea, and the sea (after an unspecific and indeterminable amount of time) hands it back to you carved, finished, smoothed, shiny or polished according to the material and wet too because that way colours are brighter”. Reflections on the sea as creator of ‘useless’ design objects.

Bruno Munari (October 24, 1907 in Milan – September 30, 1998 in Milan) was an Italian artist, designer, and inventor who contributed fundamentals to many fields of visual arts (painting, sculpture, film, industrial design, graphic design) in modernism, futurism, and concrete art, and in non-visual arts (literature, poetry) with his research on games, didactic method, movement, tactile learning, kinesthetic learning, and creativity.

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Market Group Material

Published by Kunstverein München, München, 1995, 38 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 14.8 × 19.5 cm, English / German

Price: €20

Produced on the occasion of Group Material – Market at Kunstverein München, May 6 – June 18, 1995. From the early 1980s, Group Material worked on complex social and cultural issues: in 1988, for example, they developed a four-part project on today’s understanding of democracy, followed by a so-called AIDS timeline. For Kunstverein München they developed a new project about consumption. The space was modelled after a shopping mall and contained products of the commodity world, which were collected by Group Material and commented on in the exhibition.

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The Indian Never Had a Horse & Other Poems Etel Adnan

Published by The Post-Apollo Press, Sausalito, 1995, 103 pages (b/w ill.), 15.3 × 22.7 cm, English

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“Throughout the seven sections that are woven into a unified whole, Adnan displays a remarkable sensibility for the precise details that fuse the landscapes of individual and social nightmares. Through an ingenious synthesis of the best elements of the surrealist, cut-up and Language schools of writing, Adnan has attained a unique poetic voice.”—The San Francisco Chronicle.

Illustrated with etchings by Russell Chatham.

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Peinture et objets Marc Camille Chaimowicz

Published by Le Consortium, Dijon, 1995, 86 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 23 x 27.5 cm, English/French

Price: €15

Published on the occasion of Marc Camille Chaimowicz – Peinture et objets at Le Consortium, Dijon. 10 September–15 October 1994. Texts by Stuart Morgan, Xavier Douroux, Jean Rosen.

Born in 1947, Paris, Marc Camille Chaimowicz lives and works in London. Chaimowicz’s continuous negotiation of two cultures and languages quietly reverberates throughout his pluralistic practice. He embraces both the fine and applied arts and challenges the categorical divisions between masculine and feminine, public and private, past and present.

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