Social Aesthetics Merlin Carpenter

Published by The Institute of Social Hypocrisy, Paris, 2010, 32 pages (b/w ill.), 21 × 29.7 cm, English

Price: €5

Twice a year, The Institute of Social Hypocrisy publishes a fanzine. These publications serve as a tool with a dual purpose. Primarily they are a means to put out developing art projects by a range of invited artists and contributors, throughout the duration of the Institute project.

These fanzines are neither publications for reference, nor books of completed projects. They are a means for artists to put their work in front of new audiences in order to invite input and discussion, thus helping the project to develop. They allow the artist to take a level of control and give a certain independence with regards to the traditional scope of the distribution of their work.

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High Level Margins With A Catalogue Nedko Solakov

Published by Kunstverein, Amsterdam, 2010, unpaginated (b/w ill.), 20 × 16.5 cm, English

Price: €10

The publication was produced as part of the exhibition High Level Margins With a Catalogue at Kunstverein, Amsterdam by Nedko Solakov, 18 September – 21 November 2010 and served as a reading device for the stories displayed on and around the margins of Kunstverein’s 3.5m high ceiling.

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Invitation Card Anne Truitt

Published by Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, 2010, 4 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 21.7 × 28 cm, English

Price: €8 (Out of stock)

Invitation card produced on the occasion of the exhibition Anne Truitt at Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, 8 May – 26 June, 2010. With an insert that contains a selection of Anne Truitt’s writing.

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Old News No. 7 Daniel Gustav Cramer & Haris Epaminonda

Published by Pork Salad Press, Copenhagen, 2010, 12 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 28 × 39 cm, English

Price: €15

“For the past six months we have collected and looked at hundreds of newspapers, from different countries, in different languages. In all these papers the same events were described over and over again from slightly shifted angles. Oil gushing out into the fragile eco system of the Gulf of Mexico, daily fatalities in a war without solution in Afghanistan, the coldest winter, the hottest summer, yet among those sharp voices we stumbled upon some beautifully bland images, silent messengers that reminded us of moments and places somewhere out there, far away from us sitting here, on the floor, surrounded by newspapers.”

Old News is a project about information, media and recycled, reprinted news. It is a non-profit newspaper presenting a selection of articles, images and words clipped from newspapers. The articles have all been chosen by individual artists for the purpose of redistributing the news. Old News is a second-generation, copyright-free newspaper.

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Culture Class : Art, Creativity, Urbanism Martha Rosler

Published by Hermes Lecture Foundation, ’s Hertogensbosch, 2010, 92 pages (b/w ill.), 13.5 × 21 cm, English/Dutch

Price: €15

The Hermes Lecture is a biennial lecture about the position of the visual artist in the cultural and social field.

Martha Rosler works in video, photography, text, installation, and performance. Her work focuses on the public sphere, exploring issues from everyday life and the media to architecture and the built environment, especially as they affect women.

Rosler has for many years produced works on war and the national security climate, connecting life at home with the conduct of war abroad, in which her photomontage series played a critical part. She has also published several books of photographs, texts, and commentary on public space, ranging from airports and roads to housing and gentrification.

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Text Nina Beier

Published by Proyectos Monclova, Mexico, 2010, 64 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 11.5 × 18.2 cm, English

Price: €8 (Out of stock)

Produced on the occasion of the exhibit Nina Beier, Art Statements, Art 41 Basel, June 16 – 20, 2010 with the support of Bartlett Gallery (London) and Croy Nielsen (Berlin). With texts by Joanna Fiduccia, Mihnea Mircan & Chris Sharp

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