Photopaper 25 Daniel Gustav Cramer

Published by Kasseler Fotografie Festival, Kassel, 2017, 14 pages (colour ill.), 21 × 29 cm, English

Price: €5
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For Tjikko Daniel Gustav Cramer

Published by Daniel Gustav Cramer, Berlin, 2017, 6 pages, 12 × 17 cm, English

Price: €25

Old Tjikko is a 9,550 year-old Norway Spruce, located on Fulufjället Mountain of Dalarna province in Sweden. Old Tjikko originally gained fame as the “world’s oldest tree”. Leif Kullman (Professor of Physical Geography at Umeå University who discovered Old Tjikko), attributed this growth spurt to global warming and gave the tree its nickname “Old Tjikko” after his late dog.This publication acts as a memorial of sorts to the original Tjikko. Printed in an edition of 25.

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Diedrich Diederichsen (Over)production and Value

Published by Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2017, 64 pages, 11.5 × 18 cm, English / German

Price: €9

The “economization of art” began to take shape in the wake of the crisis of capital in 2009. The shifts that occurred in the art field during this time were accompanied by explicit critique and academic analysis that aimed to make the genesis of these transformations comprehensible. In this book, first delivered as a lecture at Kunsthalle Bern in April 2016, Diedrich Diederichsen follows Marx’s labor theory of value and counters the symbolic economies dominating the art field, as well as economic exceptionalism or calculation, with systems of recording and reading out. Expanded to include the sphere of individual aesthetic experience, these systems are not formulated as solipsism, or in terms of purposefulness, but as a means to compare relations within the productivity of open and incalculable connectivity, relations that allow aesthetic experience to be read out as the liquefied labor and lifetime of concrete others. Designed by HIT

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Allan Sekula Photography at work

Published by Beirut Art Center, Lebanon, 2017, 48 pages (b/w ill.) + 20 page booklet (b/w ill.), 20 × 30 cm, English / Arabic

Price: €16

Produced on the occasion of Allan Sekula: Photography at work at Beirut Art Center. The late american artist was an influential photographer, writer, filmmaker, theorist and critic whose works have been a unique reference in debates and conversations about photography, art and politics for over 40 years. Allan Sekula’s work is largely invested in social and economic critique, particularly regarding the politics of global commodity exchange and economic processes. Sekula began exploring the american middle-class of the West Coast at the time of late modernism and in its wake. Turning his camera to his own surroundings allowed him to discover the world he was living in, and assess that staging reality critically was the best way to document it. As an artist, he considered photography a medium for continuous social engagement and action.

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SSS: How to imitate the sound of the shore using two hands and a carpet Cevdet Erek

Co-published by Sternberg Press, Berlin and Kayfa ta, date, 72 pages (b/w ill.), 9.6 × 14.8 cm, English

Price: €6

SSS: How to imitate the sound of the shore using two hands and a carpet is, at first glance, exactly what it claims to be: an in-depth manual for staging a private (or public) performance, in which one uses both hands and a carpet to imitate the sounds of water making contact with land. Istanbul-based artist Cevdet Erek’s book includes diagrams and photographs, which illustrate possible methods for producing this effect, while also addressing theoretical and methodological issues related to the representation of nature.

SSS is the second book in the Kayfa ta series, a publishing initiative of Maha Maamoun and Ala Younis. Each book in the series is a monographic essay commissioned in the style of how-to manuals that situation themselves in the space between the technical and the reflective, the everyday and the speculative, the instructional and the intuitive, and the factual and the fictional. Design by Julie Peeters

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Pure Consciousness On Kawara

Published by Skulptur Projekte, Münster, 2017, 16 pages (b/w ill.), stapled, 14.8 × 20 cm, English/German

Price: €15

Booklet for On Kawara’s Pure Consciousness project in Münster for the archival exhibition on the history of the project (1998 – 2017), on display at the Pablo Picasso Art Museum, within the framework of the Skulptur Projekte 2017 (10.6.–1.10.2017).

“The Skulptur Projekte 2017 (SP17) have staged the first venue for Pure Consciousness since Kawara’s death in 2014, ushering in a new era in the work’s existence. The Münster presentation was reserved exclusively for the children at the Berg Fidel day-care centre, and purposely took place in the spring of this year, that is, before the actual Skulptur Projekte dates. The documentation on view here sheds light on the exhibition in the Münster kindergarten as well as on the previous venues of Pure Consciousness since 1998.”(Excerpt from the wall text in the exhibition)

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