Diagramme zum 1. Werksatz Franz Erhard Walther

Published by Kunstraum München, München, 1976, 102 pages (b/w ill.), 21 × 29.5 cm, English

Price: €34

Produced on the occasion of Franz Erhard Walther’s exhibitions at Kunstraum München, 29 January – 20 March, 1976 and Städtisches Kunstmuseum Bonn, 8 June – 18 July, 1976.

Franz Erhard Walther is a key figure in the departure from the image since the European postwar period. Beyond the classical understanding of sculpture and painting, Walther formulated a completely new concept of work that included the viewer as an actor. Early in his work, fabric – until then an unusual artistic material – became a source of innovation for Walther, from which the “activation objects” emerged. In the wall formations of the 1980s, he achieved an incomparable interweaving of painting, sculpture, and architecture that continues to this day.

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Double Page Giorgio Griffa

Published by Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich, 1976, 4 pages (b/w ill.), 36.2 × 26.5 cm, English

Price: €45

Double Page was a 6 part periodical produced by Annemarie Verna Galerie, Zurich. This second edition, from December 1976, is devoted to the work of Giorgio Griffa.

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Discordance / Cohérence Daniel Buren

Published by Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, 1976, 80 pages (b/w ill.), 21 × 27 cm, English / French

Price: €22 (Out of stock)

“A book by (Un livre de) R.H. Fuchs with the collaboration of (avec la collaboration de) Daniel Buren and with contributions by (avec des contributions de) André Bompard, B.H.D. Buchloh, Douglas Crimp, René Denizot.

All descriptions (photographs+texts+diagrams) here included correspond with works selected by Rudi Fuchs. This selection represents approximately seven percent of the work executed since 1965. Most descriptions are being done here for the first time. All descriptions have been written (or rewritten) especially for this book”

Designed by Walter Nikkels

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