Diagrammatic Writing – 2nd edition Johanna Drucker

Published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2017, 36 pages, 14 × 21.5 cm, English

Price: €10

Diagrammatic Writing is a poetic demonstration of the capacity of format to produce meaning. The articulation of the codex, as a space of semantically generative relations, has rarely (if ever) been subject to so highly focused and detailed a study. The text and graphical presentation are fully integrated, co-dependent, and mutually self-reflexive.

This small book work should be of interest to writers, bibliographers, designers, conceptual artists, and anyone interested in the meta-language of diagrammatic thought in graphic form.

Johanna Drucker is a writer and book artist known for her work in experimental typography. She has published and lectured widely on topics related to the history of the book, contemporary art, graphic design, and digital aesthetics. She is the Breslauer Professor of Bibliographical Studies in the Information Studies Department at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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Not here. A queer anthology of loneliness

Published by Pilot Press, London, 2017, unpaginated, 14.5 × 21 cm, English

Price: €13

Poets, activists, writers and artists respond to what it means to be lonely in 2017. Contributors include porn actor Colby Keller, writer Olivia Laing, artist Marc Hundley, librettist Alice Goodman, poet Timothy Thornton, anti-drag performer David Hoyle & many more. Curated by Richard Dodwell.

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Homestead of Dilution

Published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2017, 132 pages, 20.6 × 13.3 cm, English

Price: €18

The concept of ’dilution’ – bringing together healthy and mentally ill people to overcome the formation of a polarised and hierarchical society – was developed during the Nieuw Dennendal experiment at a Dutch mental healthcare institute in the 1970s.

With this book we broaden the scope of what dilution could mean today, viewed through various historical, artistic, sociological and philosophical lenses. Could the historical concept of dilution be deployed as a contemporary artistic principle and be rediscovered as a means to achieve peaceful cohabitation? Does it have the potential to bridge and unify radical forms of otherness as part of an artistic process or perhaps life in general?

This publication comes out of the artistic research for the video work Homestead of Dilution, and is the result of an artist-in residency by Domenico Mangano & Marieke van Rooy at Het Vijfde Seizoen (located on the grounds of the mental health institute Altrecht in Den Dolder, The Netherlands), from January to May 2015.

Designed by Bardhi Haliti

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A – The Mail Art Archive of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and Robert Rehfeldt

Published by ChertLüdde, Berlin, 2017, unpaginated (colour & b/w ill.), 24 × 32 cm, English

Price: €75

A – The Mail Art Archive of Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt and Robert Rehfeld, was published by ChertLüdde on September 2017, on the occasion of the exhibition which has the same title. The publication project presents the archive of mail art works received by the two German artists from beginning of the 1970s until the early 1990s. The exhibition presented all correspondence with artists whose surname (or name of an artistic group) began with the letter A.

Ruth Wolf and Robert Rehfeld met in Berlin in 1954 and married one year later. They played a central role in the dissemination and development of the Mail Art Movement in Germany. Their activity, spanning for more than two decades, created an impressive web of connections between artists and artistic groups from all over the world.

More information on the project and archive can be found here.

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STAGING: Solo #2 (Exhibition poster/pamphlet) Maria Hassabi

Published by Kunstsammlung Nordhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf, 2017, foldout poster (colour & b/w ill.), 10.5 × 21 cm (folded) 42 × 51.5 cm (unfolded), English / German

Price: €3

Produced on the occasion of Maria Hassabi’s STAGING: Solo #2 (2017), 9 December 2017 – 21 January 2018, which reimagines and adapts her multi-sited installation STAGING (2017). STAGING was previously exhibited at the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis and in documenta 14, Kassel. This new iteration will feature a lone dancer on an expanse of vivid pink carpet, enacting highly concentrated, protracted, at times barely perceptible movements. Like nearly in all of her works, STAGING: Solo #2 (2017) is a site of negotiation for her powerfully subversive performances: between the performer and their task, the spectacular and the everyday; between subject and object, bystander and viewer. In consistent ways, her pieces undermine media boundaries, clear classifications, and perceptual habits, replacing these with new, not necessarily decipherable images, while activating the viewer’s sensibilities and self-reflection to an extreme degree.

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The Standard Book of Noun-Verb Exhibition Grammar Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk

Published by Onomatopee, Eindhoven, 2017, 182 pages (b/w ill.), 15 × 21 cm, English

Price: €19

The Standard Book of Noun-Verb Exhibition Grammar is a partial compendium of the different modes of being that inhabit exhibitions. These different modes of being, often placed outside the realm of art objects proper, are described and activated here as crucial players in the world of contemporary art.

Maximizing a poetic resourcefulness, this book proposes the exhibition as an ecology full of things that are infinitely more dimensional than their ascribed functionality would lead us to believe, and creates a space where species meet, where ontological and epistemological registers clash, overlap, and contaminate each other, where the living and inert, organic and inorganic exchange properties, qualities, and performances.

With text contribution by Timotheus Vermeulen and drawings by Tim Hollander.

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