Der Spiegel 1989-1991 Isa Genzken

Published by Walther König, Köln, 2003, 248 pages (b/w ill.), 30.5 × 21.5 cm, English

Price: €55

Isa Genzken’s Der Spiegel 1989-1991 consists of 121 reproductions of black-and-white photographs cut out of the influential German newsweekly Der Spiegel over a period of three years. The images are presented starkly, bereft of photo credits or captions: having been freed from their usual meaning-giving context, the images assume a mystery and free-floating universality as the viewer unconsciously struggles to recall the specificity of the sensational news story and headline to which they were once attached. The book is produced in a limited edition of 700 numbered copies.

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Use of Time Richard Tuttle

Published by Hatje Cantz, Berlin, 2012, hardcover in slipcase, 36 pages, (colour & b/w ill.), 17.3 × 24.7 cm, English

Price: €65

An elaborate artist book with 18 cards, loosely bound by a weaver knot.

Richard Tuttle has worked in close collaboration with the Kunsthaus Zug as the “in-house artist” for almost twenty years. Through fragile, mostly small, subtle paintings as well as sculptural objects and three-dimensional installations, he continues to explore special features of the museum’s architecture or selected works from its collection. Tuttle poses questions about endurance and continuity, rhythm and repetition in the various cultures of contemporary global society.

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Artist Books Mladen Stilinović

Published by Vanabbemuseum, Eindhoven, 2007, 143 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 16.5 × 23.5 cm, English

Price: €22

The early work of Mladen Stilinović was marked by his involvment in poetry and experimental film. His interest soon evolved in the relationship between visual symbols and words, leading to the creation of a series of collages, hundreds of artist’s books, paintings, installations, and videos. Stilinovic’s artwork is characterized by the use of everyday materials, simplicity, social criticism and questioning the role of art.

With an introductory text by by Branka Stipančić. You can see Stilinović interviewed about his artists books here.

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preussische maasse und gewichte stanley brouwn

Published by Wiens Verlag, Berlin, 2013, 96 pages, 15.5 × 15.5 cm, German

Price: €40

Artist book by stanley brouwn, produced by the Wiens Verlag, Berlin in 2013.

The book is a reproduction of the book Taschenbuch der Münz-. Maass- und Gewichtsverhältnisse, Leipzig 1851. It dealt with the entire European measurement system in the middle of the 19th century.

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portraits of spaces stanley brouwn

Published by Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent, 2001, unpaginated, 15.5 × 15.5 cm, English / French

Price: €60 (Out of stock)

Artist book by stanley brouwn, produced by the Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst, Ghent in 2001.

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Archief 5 Jef Geys

Published by Frans Masereel Centre, Kasterlee, 2017, unpaginated (colour & b/w ill.), 21 × 29.7 cm

Price: €50

In 2015, the Frans Masereel Centre started a collaboration with Geys to publish parts of his archive. The first archive publication, Archief 1 and Archief 2, consists of two thick volumes in A4 format with more than 800 scanned archive documents, and appeared on the occasion of Geys’s solo exhibition in the SMAK in 2015. The material was presented as it was, without any explanation or hierarchy.

Archief 5 appeared on the occasion of Geys’ archive installation about the role of the media in the Gulf War in the M HKA, and was preceded by a brief pre-publication of documents relating to the execution process of the installation and an introduction by Bart De Baere.

An animation of the contents of the book courtesy of the Frans Masereel Centre can be seen here.

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