Mapping Dimensions 27 CAConrad

Published by KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin and CAC Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, 2017, unpaginated, 13.5 × 16 cm, English

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Produced on the occasion of CAConrad’s Mapping Dimensions 27, a multi-part series of writing workshops at: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin; Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius; Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf.

“CAConrad will create a (Soma)tic Poetry Ritual at KW Institute for Contemporary Art based on the work of Ian Wilson. For the two-day workshop he will use handmade maps and a reconfigured version of Jason Dodge’s sculpture A golden lightning rod pointing north to study the many aspects of our planet’s directional points of East and West. He will use these references to explore life and death, as the known and the unknown forces of our world and how these directional archetypes help and hinder our lives. This is a love letter to the Future Wilderness of our world.”

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Limericks, Philosophical & Literary Justin Clemens

Published by Surpllus, Melbourne, 2019, 148 pages, 11 × 16 cm, English

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Brief, risible, finicky, the limerick is a form whose greatest successes never rise above the mildly embarrassing. Yet despite never having enjoyed unqualified approbation from critics or public, the form has its enthusiasts and eminent ­aficionados: there is no lack of literary luminaries who have lavished love on the limerick. This title continues this queer minor tradition, ­presenting seventy-seven limericks about writers and philo­sophers from St Thomas Aquinas to Simone Weil. Of all the grades of doggerel, the limerick is one of the lowest. Populist and participatory if not precisely popular, the limerick first becomes a hit in Victorian England with Edward Lear’s books of nonsense. It spreads at once across the English-speaking world like a highly contagious linguistic rash. Including a critical essay that delineates the limerick’s salient features, along with a dictionary that collects brief physiognomies of the subjects of the limericks, this book dares to descend into the maelstrom of ­mediocrity and to return, arms overflowing with mixed metaphors and mouldering microplastics.

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Life Isn’t Good, It’s Excellent David Robilliard

Published by Gilbert & George, London, 1993, 100 pages (b/w ill.), 15.5 × 21.5 cm, English

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David Robilliard (b.1952, Guernsey) moved to London in the late 1970s where he established himself as a self-taught painter and poet. He began working for Gilbert & George after appearing as an ‘angry young man’ in their film ‘The World of Gilbert and George’ (1981). They actively promoted him as their favourite artist and in 1984 published ‘Inevitable’, his first volume of poetry. Three years later, in 1987, Robilliard was diagnosed as HIV positive and in 1988 he died at the age of 36. In his short life he produced a modest but important body of work now held in significant public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Tate Modern, London and the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven. His work is direct both in content and form, comical and yet ultimately deeply romantic. (from Rob Tufnell David Robilliard Disorganised Writings and Sketches)

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Valzhyna Mort

Published by Fivehundred places, Berlin, 2013, 15.1 × 11.2 cm, English

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Valzhyna Mort was born in Minsk, Belarus (then Soviet Union), and has lived in the USA since 2006. She is the author of FACTORY OF TEARS and COLLECTED BODY (Copper Canyon Press; and for the German language, Surkamp Verlag). Mort is a recipient of Crystal of Vilenica, Burda Poetry Prize for Eastern European authors, Lannan Foundation Literary Fellowship, and Bess Hokin Prize.

Published by Fivehundred places, founded in 2012 by Jason Dodge. On the cover of each book is a dead scissor by Paul Elliman.

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Roger Reeves

Published by Fivehundred places, Berlin, 2017, 15.1 × 11.2 cm, English

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Roger Reeves’ work has appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, American Poetry Review, Boston Review, Gulf Coast, Tin House, and The Paris American. His debut collection of poetry, King Me, was published in 2013 by Copper Canyon Press and was honored as a Library Journal “Best Poetry Book of 2013”. Reeves has been awarded a 2015 Whiting Award, a 2013 NEA Fellowship, a 2013 Pushcart Prize and a 2008 Ruth Lilly Fellowship from the Poetry Foundation, Reeves was the 2014-2015 Hodder Fellow of Princeton University, and is currently an assistant professor of poetry at the University of Illinois, Chicago.

Published by Fivehundred places, founded in 2012 by Jason Dodge. On the cover of each book is a dead scissor by Paul Elliman.

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Noelle Kocot

Published by Fivehundred places, Berlin, 2015, 15.1 × 11.2 cm, English

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Noelle Kocot is the author of six books of poetry, most recently, Soul In Space (Wave Books, 2013). Kocot also translated Tristan Corbiere’s poems from French which appear in a book called Poet By Default (Wave 2011). She is the recipient of numerous awards for her poems, including The American Poetry Review, The National Endowment for the Arts, The Lannan Literary Foundation, The Fund for Poetry and The Academy of American Poets. Kocot’s work has been widely anthologized, including in Best American Poetry 2001, 2012 and 2013 and Postmodern Poetry: A Norton Anthology.

Published by Fivehundred places, founded in 2012 by Jason Dodge. On the cover of each book is a dead scissor by Paul Elliman.

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