Something other than either (exhibition booklet) Pati Hill

Published by Kunstverein München, München, 2020, 20 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 15.5 × 21 cm, German / English

Price: €1

Produced on the occasion of Pati Hill, Something other than either at Kunstverein München, March 7 – August 16, 2020, Pati Hill’s first posthumous institutional solo exhibition in Europe. Hill left behind an artistic output spanning roughly 60 years and encompassing various disciplines. Untrained as an artist, she began to use the photocopier as an artistic tool in the early 1970s and continued to do so until her death, leaving behind an extensive oeuvre that explores the relationship between image and text.

The exhibition also considers her writing, publishing, and editing as practices that both question and accompany the visual work. As a fragmentary, necessarily incomplete index of her engagement with image and text (re-)production, the show includes published novels, poems, sketchbooks, unpublished manuscripts, and letters in addition to the xerographs.

A PDF of the booklet can be found here.

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Published by Kunstverein München, München & Mousse, Milan, 2020, 128 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 14.8 × 21 cm, English

Price: €8

Reprint of Pati Hill’s 1979 book published on occasion of her first posthumous solo exhibition, Something other than either, at Kunstverein München on view from March through August 2020. The book is composed of images and texts by Hill through which she intended to contextualize and explain her working methodology to Jill Kornblee, her New York gallerist. Untrained as an artist, Pati Hill began to use the photocopier as an artistic tool in the early 1970s, leaving behind an extensive oeuvre that oscillates between image and text. Besides this comprehensive body of xerographic work, she published four novels, a memoir, several short stories, wrote poetry, and made drawings. Instead of an exhibition catalog that would offer an interpretation of her work, this publication provides space for Hill’s own writing that interrogates and accompanies her visual work.

A video tour of the exhibition can be seen here.

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Octopus Notes 9

Published by Octopus Notes, 2019, 272 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 15 × 21 cm, French / English

Price: €20

Octopus Notes is a biannual journal that publishes critical essays, academic writings, interviews and artists’ projects.The ninth issue brings together contributions by Ana Baliza, Tenzing Barshee, Tomas Cunha Ferreira, Alice Dusapin, Alexandre Estrela, Wade Guyton, Pati Hill, Merlin James, Justin Jaeckle, JGL, Greer Lankton, Douna Lim, Mark Melnicove, Paul Monroe, Adrian Morris, Lil Picard, Carlo Pittore, Bern Porter, Seth Price, Zoé Stillpass, Théo Robine-Langlois, Anne Turyn, Camille Vivier, Erika Vogt, Kelley Walker, and Martin Wrong.

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Photocopier Pati Hill

Published by Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, 2017, 198 pages (colour & b/w ill.), 25.5 × 33 cm, English

Price: €35 (Temporarily out of stock)

Produced on the occasion of the exhibition; Pati Hill: Photocopier, A Survey of Prints and Books (1974-83), November 4, 2017 – March 4, 2018

This publication considers the first phase of the cross-disciplinary art of Pati Hill (1921-2014). Although her exploration of the copier, which she called “a found instrument—a saxophone without directions,” did not begin until the early 1970s, Hill is regarded as a pioneer due to her singular approach and commitment to the medium.

Employing the copier to record items as common as a gum wrapper or as unexpected as a dead swan, she also applied the process to transform appropriated photographs for her experiments with narrative. This catalogue features twelve different projects, including Hill’s attempt to photocopy the palace and grounds of Versailles.

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